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In April, we diligently prepared for the upcoming launch and worked to synchronize all our activities. It seemed that all our past activities went to fruition contributing to the growth of our community, receiving favorable feedback from investors, securing grants, and more. 

Here’s a more detailed summary of our April accomplishments:

  • Completed redesign of all Monitok.io pages and listed new educational content.
  • Integrated new on and off-ramp partners.
  • Introduction of numerous new incentivization campaigns on Galxe
  • Discord emerged as the primary news source for Monitok.
  • Increased activity on team members’ social media accounts.

Complete redesign of all Monitok.io

Finnaly! We rolled out updates to the Monitok webpage. Initially launched with minimal effort, we’ve now updated it to reflect our branding vision. We aim to present Monitok as a human-centric brand, and this updated webpage version embodies that.

Additionally, every week we try to publish educational blog posts about our product and its technology. In April we launched a comprehensive guide to DEX aggregators, everything you need to know about account abstraction and a guide to Fiat on and off ramps. These technologies are essential items on the Monitok tech stack. We encourage you to visit our website to explore these changes – monitok.io

New fiat on-ramp and off-ramp partners integrated

We expanded our fiat on-ramp capabilities by partnering with other providers, Fiat Republic and Ramper. In our March recap, we emphasized the significance of fiat on-ramps for our product, and we are pleased to announce the integration of two new partners, which enable users to trade from fiat to crypto using European currencies. With this addition, users can purchase crypto via Monitok using 121 different fiat currencies from 157 territories worldwide.

New  and numerous incentivization campaigns on Galxe

Throughout the month, we launched numerous incentivization campaigns on Galxe. In our brief history, we’ve experimented with various web3 incentivization platforms such as Zealy, QuestN, Tide, and TaskON.

These efforts have brought new members to our community and provided tools for education, resulting in a more engaging experience for our followers. Our recent focus has been on the Galxe platform, where users receive NFT badges for completing various tasks related to our project. This initiative has been well-received by our community, and we plan to replicate this success on other promising platforms in the future. Check out our Galxe campaigns!

Discord a true home to our community

Our Discord server became an interactive hub for Monitok news and community engagement. We’ve implemented updates to enhance user engagement and foster a sense of community. By organizing and consolidating all Monitok-related activities on Discord and introducing various bots to support these efforts, we’ve seen a significant increase in participation on the platform.

Now if you are interested to learn about Monitok Discord is the right place!

Alternative Monitok social accounts

Transparency and community involvement remain paramount to us, reflected in our detailed updates on all project activities. In line with this commitment, we’ve actively engaged our team members’ social media accounts. Eimantas, our founder and CEO, and myself, as the CMO of Monitok, use our accounts to provide additional insights and perspectives on the project.

Join Eimantas CEO X accounthttps://twitter.com/XEBMNTX

Join Andrius CMO X account – https://twitter.com/servudas 

While our official Monitok X account focuses on project and product-related information, Eimantas shares personal insights, and I concentrate on crypto market updates and trading tips. We hope that this multi-faceted approach enriches our community’s experience. So don’t waste time and join our social accounts.

New team member

Lastly, I’m pleased to announce the strengthening of our team with the addition of Dominykas Rimsa as our lead product designer and owner. With over 20 years of experience, Dominykas has worked with esteemed companies such as Trustpilot and HumanApp. Since joining us, Dominykas has played a pivotal role in aligning our product activities and enhancing the UI/UX of our website, further solidifying our team and improving our overall performance.

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Ending note

At the beginning of the post, I wrote about positive news from investors and grants, but this information I will keep for the next month when everything is settled. Stay tuned and keep up on engaging with Monitok, the next-gen home for your crypto assets.

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