Monitok March overview


Monitok march overview

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We were deeply involved in the project, and March passed by at an unbelievable pace until Easter arrived,  slowing the pace down. With the arrival of spring and the awakening of the cryptocurrency market, we are advancing with several critical developments this month. These include improving the app, providing more content to the community about the project, and launching various marketing initiatives.

Here are the major activities that took place during March:

  • Began the implementation of a seamless fiat onramp.

  • Our developers created an Android version of the app

  • Prepared project documentation

  • Investigated the integration and launch of utility NFTs.

Seamless fiat on-ramp integration

Fiat on ramps assist in converting fiat currency to digital assets. They serve as a bridge between traditional finance and digital assets, playing a crucial role in the adoption of cryptocurrencies. This is particularly important for exchanges like ours that aim to onboard users into self-custody.

Our goal, alongside our partners, is to offer the most seamless fiat on-ramp experience in the market. We have partnered with and implemented Ramp solutions and are currently working with Fiat Republic.

Ultimately, our customers will benefit from dedicated IBAN numbers, which will ensure secure asset deposits, enable instant transfers, and offer transferable KYC. This will allow users to undergo the KYC process only once during our native registration.

Monitok goes Android

Developers enjoy working on the iOS platform due to its stability and scalability, yet Android dominates the smartphone market.

We began developing Monitok using Flutter as a strategic decision to use our development resources effectively because Flutter can easily be used on both platforms. It took just a few weeks to adapt the iOS app for Android.

The next step is to invite selected members of our community to enjoy the early version of the app. We are going to launch the Monitok app on both platforms simultaneously.

Prepared project documentation

Every legitimate crypto project seeks to display maximum transparency to its community. This is often achieved through constant direct communication by the team, AMA sessions, or at least by providing detailed project documentation or a whitepaper.

Along with the team, we began to compile project documentation on GitBooks, where we describe the problem solved by our project, its solution, features and unique selling points, roadmap, major marketing programs, and a general guide on how to use the app.

Currently, the documentation is being styled according to our brand book, and soon, we will be sharing it with our community. The whitepaper will be the next significant step in transparency, which will come closer to the launch of the token.

Investigated the integration and launch of utility NFTs

Recently, we’ve observed how NFTs are utilized in web3 projects to engage NFT community members and offer unique utility cases for early project support. Inspired by blockchain games and their NFT launches, we decided to adjust our roadmap to include our approach of freely minted NFTs.

We plan to launch a limited quantity of NFTs and reward our early adopters. These NFTs will come with unique benefits attached to ownership, making them appealing and desirable. Monitok NFTs will grant governance rights, personalization features within the app, MTN points allocation, social recognition within our community, access to new features, and better trading fees.

We hope that our NFTs can become an integral part of our ecosystem. To guarantee your NFT mint, all you need to do is join our waitlist and follow the NFTs.

Other smaller updates include

Our project’s referral campaign was featured in news portals

We achieved a significant marketing milestone when our press release was picked up and featured in over 30 different crypto media outlets like CryptoSlate, Coinedition and etc. This exposure significantly boosted our waitlist numbers. 


Listing the app on Play and App stores

Unlocking EU countries in application stores is a challenge in itself. Listing a cryptocurrency exchange on Apple and Android app stores requires meticulous preparation. Agne, our compliance specialist, is tirelessly working to prepare and provide all the necessary documentation. We aim to launch our app in the EU and US markets and hope for a smooth process.

Running incentivization campaigns

Our team has been running Zealy and the newly introduced Galxe campaigns to engage with our community.

The March update from Monitok is all about moving forward and keeping things exciting. 

We’ve been busy this month, from adding a way to easily switch from cash to crypto, to creating an Android app so more folks can join in. We also spent time getting our docs in order and diving into the world of NFTs, aiming to make them cool and useful for our early supporters. Plus, we’ve got the word out there with some solid marketing moves, and we’re working hard on getting our app ready for the big leagues in the EU and US. It’s been a packed month, but we’re just getting warmed up. 

Thanks for being on this ride with us – there’s a lot more to come!

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