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Frequently asked questions

Should you still have questions about our platforms, look no further

Monitok envisions a world where crypto trading doesn’t require choosing between robust security and transparency and the ease of trading. By adopting a hybrid approach, we aim to provide a trading experience that is both seamless and secure, prioritizing self-custody and user-friendliness at its heart.

Centralized exchanges control your funds, while decentralized exchanges can be complex to use. Monitok merges the ease of use and accessibility of centralized platforms with the safety and transparency principles of decentralized exchanges, offering a user-friendly and secure trading experience without compromise.

The Monitok app is decentralized, enabling all transactions to occur directly on the blockchain, allowing users to maintain full control of their assets through a self-custodial wallet. However, Monitok also incorporates the best aspects of centralized platforms, such as being fully regulated within the EU to enhance the platform’s continuity and security, offering a wide range of crypto trading products, and providing a seamless fiat-to-crypto and multi-chain trading experience. Additionally, the app’s user interface is designed for ease of use, resembling that of centralized exchanges.

Yes, to combat malicious activities such as fraud and terrorism and to adhere to the regulatory framework of the EU, the app has implemented KYC (Know Your Customer) and AML (Anti-Money Laundering) policies. Therefore, customers are required to verify their identity before creating an account. Monitok users can have a peace of mind, aware of whom they are dealing with and the causes they may be inadvertently supporting.

The Monitok app operates in compliance with EU regulations and its existing licenses, taking meticulous steps to adhere to the laws. Monitok is available in all countries except Afghanistan, Albania, American Samoa, Barbados, Belarus, Burkina Faso, Cayman Islands, Cambodia, The Democratic Republic of Congo, Cuba, Fiji, Gibraltar, Guam, Haiti, Yemen, Iran, Jamaica, Jordan, Lebanon, Libya, Mali, Myanmar, Morocco, Mozambique, Nigeria, North Korea, Palau, Panama, Philippines, Russia, Samoa, Senegal, Syria, Somalia, South Africa, South Sudan, Sudan, Tanzania, Trinidad & Tobago, Turkey, Uganda, United Arab Emirates, US Virgin Islands, Vanuatu, Venezuela, and Zimbabwe. This approach ensures Monitok users can have a peace of mind regarding the regulatory compliance of their transactions.

The Monitok App offers several unique benefits and features focusing on security, transparency, and simplicity. 

Monitok is a self-custodial exchange that grants users complete control over their assets. Operating from the EU, it ensures compliance with stringent regulatory standards, offering trust and peace of mind to its users. In the app, transactions are not only fast and cost-effective but also optimized across 100 DEXes to ensure the best trading prices. A comprehensive suite of crypto features means users have everything they need in one place, including buying, swapping, staking, sending, spending, or withdrawing. The app is enhanced by detailed portfolio tracking and supplemented with community wallet tracking, educational modules, and trading signals, making it easier to make informed trading decisions. All these features are integrated into a simplified, minimalistic, and user-friendly mobile app.

The Monitok app offers a self-custodial wallet, support for multiple crypto networks, and ensures the best trading prices by fetching rates from 100 DEXes. It includes professional analytics, a user-friendly interface, wallet tracking with educational modules, fiat on/off-ramp services, a crypto debit card, dedicated customer support, high-return staking options, EU regulation compliance, and peer-to-peer transfers between contacts.

Yes, your funds are safe on the Monitok App. Monitok App is a self-custodial exchange, meaning that no third party, including the Monitok App, has any control over your funds. You are free to use your crypto as you please, without needing permission from a central authority.

Monitok App is an EU-regulated exchange, meaning that it is compliant with the legal framework. It is also built on the Arbitrum Network, an Ethereum-backed Layer 2 chain, which provides a secure protocol to build on.

Having said that, you should always exercise caution when trading cryptocurrencies and follow best practices for securing your wallets.

We are currently in a private beta round and preparing for the open beta launch. We expect to make the app publicly available in Q2 of  2024. Meanwhile, users can earn early access to the app to try out its features and collect points.

Monitok already has a fully operation self-custodial exchange with core functionalities and additional enhancements. Currently, the app is undergoing testing and is being prepared for a public beta launch in Q1. A native coin release is scheduled for Q2, followed by the full integration of tokens into the app in Q3.

You can earn Monitok points by joining the waitlist and referring friends, using the app, taking part in challenges, achieving milestones, being active in the community, and sharing your knowledge with others. Points later will turn into MNT coins.