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Become a Monitok Ambassador

Monitok Ambassador Program​

Become a Monitok Ambassador

At Monitok we give our users an opportunity to become our ambassadors. By becoming a Monitok Ambassador, you will be the representative and our eyes for the users and help raise awareness about the many benefits of Monitok.

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At Monitok, we offer our users the chance to become ambassadors for our brand. As a Monitok Ambassador, you will serve as a representative and liaison for our user community, helping to increase awareness of the numerous advantages that Monitok offers.

About Our Cryptocurrency Ambassador Program

Monitok ambassadors are the most active and exclusive members of our community. Ambassadors become members of a special program and work closely with the Monitok marketing and product team

Who are you?

What you’ll do?

Ambassador Benefits

As you help advance our vision for a better future, you’ll also benefit from a few great perks

Earn points for your contributions

Recognition and being featured on the Monitok website

Get special items and merchandise with the Monitok logo

Gain real-world experience in the blockchain field and gain new marketable skills to help push your career to new heights.

Gain more visibility for your content via Monitok’s official accounts

Receive an Ambassador role on the Monitok social channels

Earn MNT or other rewards in cryptocurrency

The Path of Joining Web3 Ambassadorship

After becoming an ambassador there will be additional levels to achieve where you will be able to lead your own category or region and enjoy more benefits following the increase in responsibility.

Frequently Asked Questions

A crypto ambassador program is a marketing initiative adopted by cryptocurrency companies or projects. It involves recruiting enthusiastic individuals, known as ambassadors, to represent and promote the brand or project in various ways, such as through social media, content creation, community engagement, and event participation.

Responsibilities vary but often include creating and sharing content about the project, participating in or moderating community discussions, attending and representing the project at events, and providing feedback to the project team.

Generally, anyone with a keen interest in cryptocurrency and blockchain technology can become a crypto ambassador. Requirements may include a good understanding of the specific crypto project, a strong online presence, and the ability to engage and educate others about the project.

You can apply through this link.

You will receive all the necessary documentation to fully comprehend the product, and the team will be there whenever you have a question.

Useful skills include strong communication, a good understanding of blockchain and cryptocurrencies, social media and content creation expertise, networking abilities, and a passion for the crypto industry.