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Discover April project highlights from Monitok including new website, team member and discord channel updates
Learn everything you need to know about Fiat on and off ramps. The feature that let you buy crypto with traditional FIAT currencies
Read how Monitok expanded to Android using Flutter, enhancing efficiency and user reach, also next steps with the app and its development.
Learn everything you need to know about Account Abstraction. An innovative concept in the Ethereum blockchain, aiming to simplify the interaction between users and their wallets by treating all accounts as smart contracts.
Discover the Self-Custodial Wallets: Secure, Control, and Protect Your Cryptocurrency Assets. Learn How to Safeguard Your Assets in our detailed blog post.
Learn how traders get high liquidity and best prices using DEXes aggregator.
Explore what happened in Monitok during March - Monitok goes Android, Exploring NFTs, engaging with community with incentivisation campaigns.
Discover monthly project highlights from Monitok including new trading features, $100K referral campaign, and the MNT token launch.

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