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Monitok is on Android

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Developers often express a preference for the iOS platform due to its robust stability and excellent scalability features. However, it’s impossible to ignore that Android holds the lion’s share of the global smartphone market, boasting a diverse user base. To tap into this extensive market, we decided to take a strategic step with our mobile application, Monitok.

Choosing Flutter was the best technical decision made

Initially developed for iOS, Monitok is now making its mark on Android. We chose Flutter for our development process — a decision driven by our goal to maximize the efficiency of our resources while ensuring a seamless user experience across different platforms. Flutter’s cross-platform capabilities allow us to maintain a single codebase, which simplifies development and speeds up the update rollout process.

Transitioning Monitok from iOS to Android was remarkably swift, taking just a few weeks. This rapid adaptation was possible due to Flutter’s highly versatile framework, which effortlessly handles the intrinsic differences between iOS and Android platforms without compromising performance or aesthetics.

Monitok Android Beta app testing

The next phase in our rollout plan is to introduce Monitok to a wider audience through a controlled release. We plan to invite selected members of our community to test the early version of the app. This approach not only helps us gather valuable feedback but also creates a buzz around the app before its official launch.

Our ultimate goal is to launch Monitok simultaneously on both iOS and Android platforms. This simultaneous launch will ensure that we provide all users, regardless of their device preference, with access to Monitok at the same time, fostering inclusivity and broadening our reach.

By leveraging Flutter and adopting a strategic approach to development, Monitok is set to offer a robust, scalable solution that meets the needs of diverse users, reinforcing our commitment to accessibility and user satisfaction.

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