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February witnessed an exceptionally strong bull market in cryptocurrencies, with significant gains. From well-known cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH) to various altcoins and smaller ventures, it appeared as though the entire crypto sector had shifted into a full-blown bull phase.

With Monitok seeing positive market sentiments, we are quickly advancing towards the official launch of Monitok’s self-custodial exchange. In February, we made significant achievements across various fronts, working to enhance our platform’s functionality, forging strategic partnerships, and making our community spaces more engaging and informative.

Here’s everything that went down in February at Monitok

  • New features introduced  Multichain trading & Wallet Tracking
  • More information provided to the community: The Website and Monitok AMA
  • Launched a referral program with a 1,000,000 reward pool announced the MNT token.
  • Community engagement campaigns Zealy & Galxe, Discord.

Development of wallet tracking and trading features across different networks

Our app is becoming more functional and smoother in preparation for its launch. In February, our developers focused on wallet tracking functionality and the architecture and design of multichain trading.

Through our research with customers, we observed the importance of trading knowledge and authority. Many retail traders seek advice on how to manage their portfolios. That’s why we are developing wallet tracking and copytrading functionalities. The transparency of DeFi allows for perfect implementation. Our users will be able to find the best-performing traders, copy their trades, and learn from their actions by accumulating gains. In February, we enriched this functionality from a mere transaction list to an aggregated view by traders, meaning users can now see the profit and loss of a wallet over different periods.

One of our key pillars has always been to eliminate the need for technical knowledge to trade on the blockchain. At launch, the app will support networks such as Arbitrum, Polygon, and Ethereum. Trading between different networks presents a challenging task. However, we believe we have created the most seamless trading experience across these networks. Throughout March, we are refining the app’s architecture to ensure this feature is available and fully functional before the launch.

Preparations for New Web Pages & First AMA

We believe that transparency is pivotal to the success of every project. Therefore, we are committed to providing detailed information about our project through various formats, such as social media and our website.

In February, we updated our homepage with questions asked by the community, prepared the MNT token page, and developed referral pages. We plan to add over 300 pages to the portal. This effort is crucial for communicating our platform’s features, addressing forthcoming questions, and generating awareness and traction through organic channels.

In February, we hosted our first Twitter Space Ask Me Anything (AMA) session, where we discussed the vision and mission behind Monitok, the use cases for the MNT token, our referral campaign, and the road ahead. The session attracted 9.4K listeners, a turnout beyond our expectations!

You can listen to the session, “Decoding Monitok,” to learn more about our project and its prospects. With 9.4K people tuning in, we were thrilled with the level of engagement.

Looking forward, we plan to host monthly AMAs to keep our community informed and maintain a strong connection with the Monitok team!



Monitok Native Token Unveiled

That was a significant milestone! No web3 project is complete without plans for a native token. We have compiled essential information and shared it with our community. The token will be released in Q2 2024, following the successful launch of the Monitok self-custodial exchange. Here are some of the benefits and use cases of the MNT token:


Check here for more information about the MNT token and its utilization in the Monitok ecosystem.

Launched 1,000,000 Worth of Referral Campaign

We highly value the support of our early adopters and aim to promote self-custody during this bull run, addressing a significant oversight from the previous crypto cycle. To encourage this, we’ve designed a referral campaign that rewards self-custody with 1,000,000 crypto points. These points indicate an upcoming airdrop worth $100,000 in our native MNT token. Participation is simple: join our waitlist, receive a unique referral link, and invite your friends to join the waitlist as well. By doing so, users will collect Monitok points, which will be converted into MNT tokens at the token launch. Points, also, can be earned through community engagement, app usage, and completing quests. Learn all info about the referral campaign here.

A bit of the smaller things that happened in February

Zealy and Galxe community spaces created

Last month, we were excited to launch our 2nd Zealy campaign and make our debut in the Galxe space. These platforms allow web3 projects to interact with their communities in a more fun and engaging way. From now on, all our campaigns will incorporate rewards in Monitok points, making the rewards for our early supporters both transitional and accumulative.

Looking for brand collaborations

In addition to these campaigns, we are exploring partnerships with Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs). Currently, we had conversations with 15 potential collaborators who align with the Monitok brand, voice, and credibility. This strategy aims to leverage influential voices within the crypto community to extend our reach and impact. Our goal is to build a strong KOLs and influencers network, strengthening our community to become one of the most influential project in the crypto space.

Discord server updated

Moreover, we’ve recently enhanced our Discord server with significant updates, including new channels and roles and reputation points tailored to improve communication, encourage topic-specific discussions, and enrich the community experience.  Check out the new structure of the Monitok server.

Veranderingen in het team

Arnoldas is een half jaar bij ons geweest en heeft ons geholpen om te voldoen aan strenge wettelijke regels over de hele wereld. Arnoldas heeft besloten ons te verlaten en zich op andere zaken te richten. We begrijpen hoe veiligheid een topprioriteit is in de huidige staat van crypto, en MRLO- en AML-functionarissen helpen de status-quo van organisaties te handhaven. Onlangs heeft ons team een nieuwe MRLO- en AML-officer verwelkomd, Agne! Zij zal het werk van Arnoldas voortzetten en onze activiteiten in verschillende landen wereldwijd mogelijk maken. Februari was spannend op verschillende gebieden van Monitok. Elke stap voorwaarts werd geleid door onze toewijding aan het creëren van een veilig, gebruiksvriendelijk en aantrekkelijk platform voor onze gebruikers. We zijn enthousiast over de ontwikkelingen die we hebben gedeeld en kijken uit naar wat komen gaat.

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