Monitok Token (MNT)

Designed to be an integral part of the Monitok ecosystem, the MNT token unlocks rewards for engagement, exclusive features & benefits for its users.

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Benefits & use cases

What you get and how you can use Monitok token

Monitok Earn​

You can earn Monitok coins by using the app, taking part in challenges, achieving milestones, being active in the community, and sharing your knowledge with others.

Monitok Boosts & Discounts​

Holders of Monitok coins get benefits from platform-sponsored “boosts”: e.g., better rates for trades, better staking rates, free on-ramp/off-ramp, etc. Also, coins can be used to pay for services.

Monitok Utility

Get access to premium features on the platform such as advanced trading tools, priority customer service, early access to new features, exclusive financial products, and entry to special events.

Monitok Yield Staking​

Monitok users can lock up (or “stake”) the platform’s native coins to support our token’s liquidity, generate yield, and gain access to exclusive features.

Earn rewards before the launch

Sign up for the waitlist and refer friends to secure your early access to our app and a limited spot in our giveaways and exclusive quests featuring 1,000,000 points and €100,000 worth of cryptocurrency. By joining the waitlist and spreading the word, you increase your chances to earn from the reward pool

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Monitok exchange is launching soon

Join Monitok for easy and secure self-custodial trading. With its user-friendly wallet, you can trade across different DEXes effortlessly. Monitok offers you complete control of your portfolio in a simple, streamlined trading experience.

Junte-se à lista de espera para ter acesso

Acesso antecipado ao Monitok

Get to try out state of the art hybrid exchange app first

Earn 1M Monitok points

Get points that can be utilised within the app

Referral rewards

Refer friends to earn rewards from $100 000 pool

Perguntas mais frequentes

Should you still have questions about our platforms, look no further

Monitok is a mobile self-custodial exchange, also known as a hybrid crypto exchange (HEX), which merges the best of both centralized and decentralized exchanges. The app is a comprehensive portal to the DeFi ecosystem, packed with features to cater to all crypto trading and holding needs. With Monitok, users can trade across 100 decentralized exchanges, ensuring the best trading rates. The app includes professional yet user-friendly analytics, a multi-protocol wallet, account abstraction, efficient on/off ramps, wallet tracking feature, and more. It enables buying, swapping, selling, staking, and sending over 100 crypto cryptocurrencies at low fees. Designed with a focus on user experience, Monitok offers a sleek, minimalistic interface, whether for on-chain trading or utilizing FIAT features. Monitok represents the next generation in self-custodial crypto exchanges, addressing all crypto-related needs.

The Monitok Coin is a versatile utility coin within the Monitok ecosystem, enabling users to earn rewards through app engagement, staking, and participation in community activities. The coin serves as a key to various premium platform services, including advanced tools, priority support, and special financial products, while also providing holders with benefits like improved trade rates and the ability to pay for services. This coin encapsulates the essence of user interaction and value within the Monitok platform.

Monitok Points are rewards granted to participants based on engagement before the product’s official launch. Accumulating points is possible through community engagement, app usage, and quest completion. Later, these points can be converted into MNT tokens upon the token’s launch.

O lançamento de uma moeda nativa está previsto para o segundo trimestre, seguido da integração total dos tokens na aplicação no terceiro trimestre.

Mais pormenores serão partilhados gradualmente à medida que o lançamento se aproxima. Pode saber mais participando nos nossos eventos sociais, como os AMA, onde os fundadores partilham mais pormenores.

Terá a oportunidade de obter acesso antecipado à nova geração do Monitok Exchange e ganhar moedas no valor de $100.000 através de airdrops, giveaways e campanhas de missões. Ao aderir à lista de espera e ao referir-se, aumenta as suas hipóteses de ganhar a partir do conjunto de recompensas.

Sim. Por cada referência bem sucedida, subirá na lista de espera, e os nossos melhores membros da lista de espera serão recompensados com um total de $100,000 em cripto.
If you’re on the waitlist, you will be notified via email. To get regular updates, follow Monitok Exchange on Twitter and Discord.
Leading up to the launch, detailed updates will be shared with all waitlist members via email. You can also follow Monitok on Twitter and Discord.